Nowhere to go

July 2007

Nowhere to go. What distresses me most, I think, about the world I find myself in, is that there is nowhere to go. Previous generations still had places to explore, places which were largely deserted, greatly isolated, and which the majority of the world knew nothing about.

These days there's, what, space? A huge, empty expanse. Or the sea – it appeals a little, but it's not really the kind of place you can just wander off and survive off the, uh, land. The desert is largely, well, deserted, but good luck surviving out there.

So that leaves, by my count, nowhere to go but the inside of your head. It's the last great unexplored area.

Fraser commented:

But how much do you really know about any of those places? I think you could still 'explore' the Himalayas, or central America, or Siberia and get just as much out of the experience as any pith-helmeted Victorian - the only differences being that you wouldn't be the first, and that you might see a few Coca-Cola billboards.

Angus commented:

Oh bollocks :P. There are heaps of places that remain largely unexplored geographically. Nevertheless, you're on the right track thinking "off the map", but why inside your head? Think of the various cultural trends, parts of networks (Second Life?), literature etc., that was unavailable to "explorers" of the past. Heck, create your own destination startup-styles :).

Nato commented:

There is always space, but we're a bit primitive for that. Perhaps this is a little like how it might have felt living on an island before boats were invented (or navigation, or magnetism, or map making)?

Matt commented:

NYAAAH okay you might all be right. I dunno… I just feel like the world is far too small. And 'virtuality' is losing its appeal. I'm feeling all about reality these days. Eh… the idea of great deserted areas I could wander in for months without seeing anyone, surviving day-by-day, just has a certain appeal.

tim bulkeley commented:

Go anywhere, anywhere at all, where the people are "different" and you have a whole culture to explore! That's what some of the better pith helmeted Victorians did... A surprise or shock at least once a day for the first 5 years or so...

Jody commented:

I hear Auckland's very nice and quite toasty warm, and except for some tentative digger exploration, our back yard is largely uncharted territory.

era commented:

The issue strikes me as one of freedom. You have realised you lack a certain freedom that you would ideally like. The twist I think is that the people you envy honestly lacked that same freedom too.