Prophetic words

June 2007

Prophetic words: seven months ago I said:

It seems to me that the ethical and moral values I hold are often more easily argued outside of the Christian tradition than within.

Hah. I guess I was right on that one.

Tim B commented:

How were you right?

Matt commented:

Essentially, I find myself more and more outside of Christianity, and holding values and beliefs (or, more to the point, not holding certain values and beliefs) that seem to put me outside of ‘Christianity' proper.

Tim B commented:

It just seems to me that the ones you listed don't do that, there are millions of Christians who see abortion as (under certain circumstances like the one you mentioned as "obviously" the less bad choice. Any "Christianity" which fails to discus such dilemmas in a rational manner is mere Western fundamentalism and has little to do with the Bible or Jesus. Sadly we live in a world where unthinking American fundamentalism fights unthinking Arab+ fundamentalism and both masquerade as religious, since that gives what are otherwise insupportable positions a veneer of plausablity.