American Doctors talk about their health-care system

June 2007

American Doctors talk about their health-care system:

What could be changed about the health-care system to better help patients?

DR. BABY: Universal health care.

DR. HEART1: But you're talking from a public-health perspective. If you are an individual … if your dad is sick and he has access to insurance and money, do you want him to live in the country with universal health care or our kind of health care? Our kind of health care.

DR. VIRUS: The only place I'd defend American care is for the catastrophically ill, where there are miraculous outcomes still.

DR. HEART2: If you're talking about separating Siamese twins, yes, I'd want to do it in the United States rather than anywhere else in the world. When money is not an issue, I would still contend that we have the worst, because we get overtested. We chase incidental diagnoses that might not affect the patient's health.

DR. VIRUS: With universal, you'd get the same kind of mediocre shittiness that you'd get in all other kinds of standardized approaches. But for millions of people, that would be a big upgrade.

— NY Mag, What's Up, Docs?: A panel of anonymous physicians coughs up secrets of the trade.