This week's reading

June 2007

This week's reading: (or, I had to close some of my browser tabs:)

Timothy Leary's The Politics of Ecstasy — only scattered extracts, unfortunately. (Related: Cannabis at Wikipedia.)

Sitali pranayam is a type of meditation which seems to have at least physical effects. It feels pretty strange.

The U.S. Army Survival Manual is available for free online, and looks like it contains some useful wilderness-type information. I found it linked from wikiHow, a ‘howto' wiki that covers a ridiculous breadth of topics.

The Screenplay for ‘V for Vendetta' differs from the movie in a number of regards, but I'm finding it quite interesting reading. (More screenplays.)

Andrew linked Economic Cows, and I find myself once again wondering what's so evil about socialism. Apparently sharing is only good for children.

era commented:

Read the comic of V for Vendetta. Go anarchy! Go go eighties!