I'm not a journalist

June 2007

I'm not a journalist. I have this desire to report on things, to describe the things I observe. This is manifested most obviously in my writing, but I love—or at least, love the idea of—photography and, especially so, film. The trouble is, I'm really not good at it.

The problem is that I'm quite an introverted person, and photographing or filming people seems quite an outgoing and evasive act. I can handle writing, because I can just observe, then write (and synthesise) from memory later, but film and photo require rather more immediate and obvious action.

That said, I could do with some pushing in that direction. To that end, is anyone interested in some (not very ambitious) short-film type project? I have a video camera, I just need people—and it can't be any worse than this (Apart from the awesome costumes. Awesome. ‘I've never been more ready in my life.')

Fraser commented:

A v-log of the walk to Timaru?

Fraser commented:

OR, just film yourself and AJ trading insults...

Christina commented:

Fraser: it's got to be something people would actually want to watch.... :P

Oohhh! I am so up for that! Have always wanted to make a short movie with perhaps slightly pretentious art-house themes (and none of my friends who did TAFS seem keen, sadly).

I can help with the script and things. And act badly. And pretend to be an arrogant, continuously grumpy, god-like director (which would be the most fun, I think).

Jim Bier commented:

I'm in if it's a time that suits me.

Mike Ronayne commented:

Ditto what Jim said

Paul H commented:

if you want a more mature note to your indie, then count me in.