Reason is ungodly, apparently

May 2007

Reason is ungodly, apparently. It concerns me deeply that the Creation Museum presents ‘Human Reason' and ‘God's Word' as mutually exclusive opposites. (Actually, the whole museum concerns me deeply, but the Reason vs. Religion thing is, I think, deep in the roots of the problem.)

Update 31/05/07: Here is a comprehensive list of responses to the museum (via Kottke.)

Christina commented:

Uh..... backs aways slowly... I'm getting scared now...

Raaaa! Why do fundies have to do that?! Honestly, this is so frustrating! Dressing biblical texts - narratives, myths, poetry, historical lists - as scientific data is just daft. It's like pretending a movie is actually a book, or that a popular magazine article and an academic thesis are the same thing. They're completely different genres, don't mix them! They're never going to equate, no matter how hard you try, because they're essentially different.

Not to mention "God's Way" and "Human Reason" are incredibly misleading titles; heavily loaded and biased. One wonders if they are actually that naive, or just doing this stuff on purpose to be as provoking as possible.

It just makes them look like small, petulant children thumbing the older, more mature kids. (end rant)

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stan_ commented:

haha why are you so dumb Christina, i mean don't you go to Church

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