Magic numbers

May 2007

Magic numbers. I 09 think F9 I 11 just 02 witnessed 9D a 74 revolution. E3 Those 5B who D8 believe 41 in 56 freedom C5 have 63 triumphed 56 over 88 fear C0. More at Chilling Effects and Slashdot. Update 4/5/07: Legal summary here.

eonsim commented:

Yeah digg's gone crazy with it, been filling my RSS reader all day.

Fifteen commented:

the magic numbers! so good.

Angus commented:

Nice :). In related news, here's a riddle for you.

This is kinda old news though -- the hardcore amongst us were following the Doom9 threads when they were getting all excited about Volume Keys, let alone the Processing Key ;).