Transport costs

May 2007

Transport costs. My car costs me about $1500/yr all up (that's petrol, registration, WOF, maintenance.) I could bus as much as I wanted every day within Christchurch and spend no more than $1000/yr, leaving $500 for transport outside of the city (pretty much only Timaru, these days.) Anyone want to buy a car?

era commented:

Sell your car, buy a bike. I did. Public transport is good, but biking is better in many situations I think. Sometimes cars really are useful; maybe share it between a group of friends? That way in those remote situations where a car is actually needed, you can have the car, and the rest of the time the other people can do the same. Alternatively, you could find someone that actually needs a car a lot, and just give it to them, I'm sure that'd feel good.

stan_ commented:

haha, Matt bikes around all the time!

Matt commented:

Stan: nah, I haven't been biking for a while, since my bike got, uh, ‘borrowed' by some helpful passerby.

Christina commented:

Cars are pretty much only good for two things: wet, crappy weather, and night time, when it's a bit too dodgy to walk or whatever. Oh, and for long distances that aren't on bus routes (or would take insane amounts of time using multiple bus routes). So, OK, make that three good things, Cardinal Fang :)

Christina commented:

Oh, and also heavy loads, like transporting stuff that doesn't fit on the back of a bike/you can't take on a bus. Fetch the comfy chair!

Fraser commented:

Guitars and amps and friends who want rides and groceries and so forth

Christina commented:

So maybe 5 good reasons?

Amy commented:

I recommend selling your car and buying a motorbike not only is it sweet in terms of money but girls like them and you'll look hot in leather.

Win win i say!