Rights that have to be paid for

April 2007

Rights that have to be paid for:

  • The right to live on a piece of land
  • The right to build something on land you own
  • The right to fish
  • The right to use a firearm to hunt game

Any other suggestions?

Fraser commented:

(Sometimes) the right to pick fruit from trees/other plants that grow on other peoples' land (although there are a lot of fruit trees on public land in Upper Riccarton. Crabapples, plums and pears. I climbed a couple of trees in the park down the road last month and got a bagful of pears - not very good ones, unfortunately).

The right to live in a building

In some less enlightened cities, the right to a water supply

Jim commented:

The right to surf the interwebs?

era commented:

It really depends on what rights you actually have doesn't it? I mean, do we really have a right to fish? Where does that right come from? etc. No one thinks we have the right to kill innocent people; why not! Maybe if I paid enough money for it then I would have that right?


I think that our rights should secure for us, where it is feasible, the basic conditions necessary for a fulfilling and empowered human life. Anything beyond this is surely a privilege rather than a right, right?

Matt commented:

I would agree, but I would maintain that ‘the system' makes it pretty difficult to gain these rights if you're not willing to sell your time for cash.