Why you should have cleaners

April 2007

Why you should have cleaners:

I know some people are like morally opposed to having maids at all but honestly I think it's the right thing to do because when I was young (and I'd like to note I grew up really poor, like food-stamp poor) my mom said to me as soon as you can afford it hire maids because (a) if you make more per hour than you'd pay maids to do the same work, it's really going to be a net win for you to not do housework yourself and instead put your effort into your career, and (b) it's morally right to hire people who are in positions where they don't have a lot of career options (like, my maid company pretty much hires people who don't speak English yet, so that limits their career choices) because dammit they have to survive and they're trying the best they can and they really don't want your pity they just want a chance to work and build a life

Wil Shipley, not at his most punctuated, but deep nonetheless.

It's a win-win situation.

stan_ commented:

people who are opposed use "morality" as a justification for their envy


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