Be the star in your own apocalyptic thriller!

April 2007

Be the star in your own apocalyptic thriller! If you get a chance—before they do whatever it is they're going to do with it—make sure to walk over the Blenheim Road overbridge. It's closed (there's a new one) and barricaded off, and if you walk from the park up towards the middle (walk in the middle of the road) it feels like the world has ended.

KT commented:

Heh, might try it today if it's not too late.

I love walking over the overbridges in town. I love the way you can suddenly see far out into the distance, and see how the city doesn't go on forever, but is perched among hills and mountains that have been there endlessly longer than the city has. Gives me a pleasant sense of perspective when I'm getting too full of city-dwelling angst. Driving over them doesn't work - it all goes by too fast to notice. Have never (yet) had the apocalyptic experience you describe, however :)