Rick Warren, on the future

April 2007

Rick Warren, on the future:

All of the great questions of the 21st century will be religious questions. Will Islam modernize peacefully? What's going to happen to the influx of Muslims into secular Europe, which has lost its faith in Christianity and has nothing to counteract this loss in religious terms? What will replace Marxism in China? In all likelihood it's going to be Christianity. Will America return to its historic roots—will there be a Third Great Awakening, or will America go the way of Europe?

— Rick Warren, “The God Debate

Via Chad. (Incidentally, I have much more sympathy for Sam Harris's position in that debate than for Rick Warren's.)

eonsim commented:

Heh that was an impressive little discussion. I'm rather impressed by how well Rick Warren managed to do in it. However I do rather strongly disagree with some of his statements. Also a number of Sam's statements make a decent bit of sense, however again I don't agree with what appears to be the aim of some of his stuff.

Really I guess I just don't agree with either of them that much, I think they're both to extreme in there points of view, at least based on that article.

Jim Bier commented:

I thought Rick's answer here was particuarly good...

HARRIS: Are you responsible for smallpox?

WARREN: I am responsible to do something about it. No doubt about it. I am responsible to do something about the 500 million who get malaria every year and the 40 million who have AIDS, because I will be held accountable for my life. And when I say, "God, why don't you do something about this?" God says, "Well, why don't you? You were the answer to your own prayer."

Christina commented:

He he he "What will replace Marxism in China?" - funnily enough, Marxism never really existed in China. They developed Maoism instead (lot more extreme). There's a lot of assumptions in that quote. Now to read the rest of the article :)

Matt commented:

Yeah, the assumptions irked me a little, but the questions are valid. Still, “how will Europe survive now that it has abandoned the truth? and will [the U.S. of] America end up as godless as Europe?” *embarrased cough*

stan_ commented:

"what's your politically incorrect answer?" - ROFL!

Christianity only saves a selected few, Matthew chapter 10 - "i did not come to bring peace but a sword dividing father against son" etc. etc.