A rough breakdown of my last year's spending

April 2007

A rough breakdown of my last year's spending:

Pie chart breaking down my spending in the last 12 months

Food for thought. It seems I have some way to go with the ‘living simply' thing.

Angus commented:

Wow, well tracked expenditure. You clearly have budgetary ninja powers!

Also, being an electronics yuppie is one thing, lamenting it on the Intarwebs even more so ;).

Matt commented:

I just went through and categorised each transaction in my last 12 months bank records, then totalled things up. I knew eftpossing everything was a good idea ^_^.

stan_ commented:

lol what's the difference between luxuries and toys and social outings?

Matt commented:

Luxuries is CDs, DVDs, video hire, books, small things like that. Electronics and toys are often kinda related to my work, or will generate income—but not always, so perhaps some of them should be in the luxuries category. Social outings is coffee with friends etc., which I've kept separate because, while it could be minimised, I think it's an important part of a social life, so not entirely a luxury.

IDIEEASY commented:

Im impressed that food is quite small compared to rent (and toys, for that matter!), I usually spend way more on food than I would like to.

If savings was chucked into this chart, how would it compare?

Matt commented:

Flat food is included with rent; the "food" item is other purchases—lunches, takeaways, junk. Regarding savings, I paid off a student loan which would be about 75% of the above circle, and have saved close to as much again since then. So, savings would compare pretty well, really.

Craigo commented:

Are you saving for your retirement yet?