I am quite privileged

March 2007

I am quite privileged. I have male privilege—I can act like a jerk and people will describe me as ‘manly' and ‘assertive' (humour me) rather than ‘bitchy,' ‘catty,' or ‘pushy.' I have white privilege—I have pretty significant (and highly unfair) advantages in the justice system, educational and employment opportunities, and general societal stereotyping. I have english-speaking privilege—sure, I can learn to speak other languages, but I always have the safety net of being able to assume almost anyone I speak with speaks english, if I get stuck.

Partly as a result of the former privleges, I have wealth privilege—I'm in the 10% of the world (roughly, I think) who have clothing, shelter and know where their next meal is coming from. I'm in the 3% (I'd estimate) who can afford iPods, laptop computers, and cars.

I think I owe the world a fairly hefty debt.

Ruku-Shaka commented:

Cool. Which part of the world- the government, the people of NZ, the people of India/wherever-poverty-is, or what?

Matt commented:

The entire world. However, I figure the best way to pay my debt is to aim for the people who most need it, which would be the third world. (Also, I don't use debt in any mean-spirited, don't-want-to-do-it way, it's just the way things are.)