“You don't get much chance to talk back”

March 2007

“You don't get much chance to talk back”:

In the Jesus scene, you don't get much chance to talk back. People are preaching at you, you're going to seminars, you're going to conferences, you're going to church, and someone's always preaching at you. The only time you get to really digest stuff is if you're in a home group, which—I think—is more church than church.
 — Drew Marshall appearing on 100 Huntley Street (quote from Part 2)

Ruku-Shaka commented:

mmmmmm..... interesting. Good thoughts, I never did like those Charles Stanley get-up-at-six-on-sunday-morning for a half hour of boring old b-i-b-l-e chit-chat/ "Do you want to be [Yawn] saved? [Oh, i'm getting sick of this. Enough already!]" So, maybe we need to get Mel Gibson into Parliament, or else some other famous Christian. (And I mean CHRISTIAN, not "Christian".)