I've been a bit worried about the afterlife recently

05 February 2007

I’ve been a bit worried about the afterlife recently. Actually, to be blunt about it, I’ve been wondering if there even is one. (Being incarnationally-focused has its downsides.) At the same time, I’ve been beginning to grasp just how futile and, in the grand scale of things, how empty human life is. Last night, my brain finally put the two together, in what I shall call Wilson’s First Law (I’m sure Andrew or KT will point out who actually came up with this):

  1. If there is a truly benevolent and active supreme power, there must also be some kind of existence beyond this one.

My reasoning is this:

This life is, in the end, a futile empty tragedy. Not in some emo I-want-to-cut-myself-to-let-the-darkness-in-my-heart-leak-out sense, just that, eventually, ourselves and those we love will all die, having made very little difference to even the small part of the universe we lived in. (That’s your cheery thought for the day.)

Therefore, if one assumes an active supreme being (I do), there are only two options:

  1. This is a huge, cruel joke at our expense, or reality itself is truly evil and corrupt, or, as the Buddhists say, reality is suffering (the supreme being is not good.)
  2. There is something else beyond this life (the supreme being is good.) (I don’t specify that the something else is better; I suspect that it would be, but it could be no more than the same thing again—‘see how you do this time.’)

There are a couple small holes in my reasoning, but I’m feeling a lot better about things today.