January 2007

Asceticism. Recently, I have been feeling like I have way too much stuff. Being halfway moved out has only strengthened this—I like having no furniture at all in my room, and I'm not even minding sleeping on the floor. Now I just have to get rid of the rest of my stuff. Asceticism, here I come.

Michael commented:

You could give me more of your stuff if you want to get rid of it...

Greg commented:

I find sleeping on the floor gets to be a bit of a drag after a while... but lack of clutter is definitely healthy.

Matt commented:

I found the first night with no bedroll pretty bad, but with any sort of mattress it's okay, and there's something I like about being closer to the ground. Maybe it harks back to subconscious falling-out-of-bed fears ;-).

Angus commented:

Most of my possessions are still in boxes, and have been for two months. Can't say I miss 'em, either.

Nato commented:

yeah. I enjoyed sleeping on just a mattress. It's kinda cool being close to the ground (though you need to air it out lots, otherwise mould does evil to the mattress)

Jim commented:

all your stuff's at my place... I might just keep it to help you stay ascetic... if my wife lets me, that is.

KT commented:

"A free life is yet free to great souls. Verily, he that possesseth little is still less possessed: praised be moderate poverty!" -Nietzsche, Thus spake Zarathustra