January 2007

On my way to work this morning, I saw a large group of Asian tourists crossing the road, every single one of them holding up an umbrella. I wonder what the collective noun for ‘tourist' should be? I am favouring ‘gaggle,' but ‘phalanx' is a close second.

Ruth commented:

I like phalanx. Gaggle is one of the terms used to describe a group of Speech Language Therapy students (other terms favoured are 'giggle' and 'geek' as in a giggle of spth girls or a geek of spth girls). :D

Matt commented:

Hmm. Google tells me that it is actually a ‘flock' of tourists. I'm gonna stick with phalanx.

Ray commented:

With my superior knowledge of tourists ('cos I work with them every day!) I would agree that phalanx is a much more accurate description than a flock. Although having said that when one of a group of them does something others will often follow - rather like a flock of sheep really :)

Michael commented:

Agreed. Although possibly the term mob could be applied in certain cases...