Where I stand on tithing

December 2006

Where I stand on tithing:

  • Tithing has always seemed an odd idea to me; the early church was all about sharing everything, not just 10%. Also, following the vaguely jewish and somewhat exact and legalistic “10% principle” seemed a little odd given the evangelical “Judaism is the law that we are now free from” feeling I grew up with. (Since largely grown out of, but there you are.)

  • I now consider giving 10% of one's income to be a good thing when, let's face it, very few people are going to give more than that. How many people do you actually know who could handle sharing everything, or selling their boat or second vehicle if there was a need? (Just sayin'.)

Me… well, tithing seems a little silly, given that I'm saving my money to, you know, serve God. On the other hand, I find myself incredibly well off financially, and it seems rude to not share that in some way. So, I've decided to give (to a charity of some description) 10% of the value of any hefty “luxury” purchase.

10%, I've decided, is a good value. It's high enough that you notice it (I think if giving doesn't hurt a little bit you're not giving enough) but seems low enough that I can think of it as a kind of voluntary GST.

(Incidentally, if you're looking for a laptop bag these guys give 5% of the value of any purchase to charity.)