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December 2006

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stan_ commented:

have you ever read anything by Ian Wishart, he's done quite a few articles on how soy milk causes homosexuality and how oil affects seagulls and stuff and how it causes them to become homosexuals too

wow believe it or not i just checked his blog right after reading this and he happens to be talking about it

Fraser commented:

I am still showering.

stan_ commented:

here it is

Fraser commented:

Ha, that has to be the best headline I've seen for quite a while!

"A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals"!

Brehaut commented:

I have heard that sort of thing before; but i have always wondered why it quietly seems to ignore the fact that soy milk products have been part of chineese culture for years.

"...Research in 2000 showed that a soy-based diet at any age can lead to a weak thyroid, which commonly produces heart problems and excess fat. Could this explain the dramatic increase in obesity today?..."

I specifically wonder at that because, I dont really think of the average chinese person being excessivly fat.

ps, i cant stand tofu, but this still reads like a fundy spaz.

stan_ commented:

well you also have to take into account the other foods they consume which balance it out, for example in most Asian countries they have diets of rice and fish and little meat, it isn't 'til recently that Western foods such as McDonalds are becoming more mainstream and causing more obesity in those countries now

Brehaut commented:

Stan, thats kinda like saying 'till recently westerners ate mostly bread and potatoes and a chicken, but now they eat foods such as McDonalds'

I would hazard a guess that many people who eat lots of McDonalds are also not the sorts of people to eat lots of soy based food :P

KT commented:

So what happens to chicks who eat too much soy? Do we become more heterosexual?

Christina commented:

He he he he that would be amusing...

Also: Fraser, I'm glad you're still showering, flatting with you next year would be significantly less good otherwise :P

Yeah, fundy rants. How do they manage to make half-way decent words and phrases look so slutty (metaphorically speaking)? shakes head honestly... :D

Greg commented:

Actually Stan does seem to have a point; that the Chinese who eat a lot of soy also eat a lot of rice and not much meat. Perhaps one should eat soy, or meat, but not both? Maybe soy is harmful, but only when tacked on to a fatty western diet? Who knows. Either way, my fundyrantometer is still going berserk...