Self-image seems slow to catch up with reality

November 2006

Self-image seems slow to catch up with reality. I often still see myself as the skinny high-school kid I used to be, which causes problems when I buy clothes that would have fit that guy. (Possibly partly why I hate clothes shopping at the moment.) The mo is also causing problems at the moment, because in my mind I'm still that relatively normal-looking guy I used to be before the ‘felony-badge' began to sprout on my upper lip. I don't actually see my moustache, so it doesn't worry me at all…

What about you? Do you find that your self-image is often several years out-of-date?

EONsim commented:

Not really I don't appear to have changed much from my high school days. I've still got a number of items of clothing from then that I wear fairly often, and they fit just as well as they always did.

Amy commented:

Your mo makes little children cry,
Not quite as seedy as the one you wore to my 21st to spite me. But still .. it hurts my soul