End times interpretation time!

November 2006

End times interpretation time! From World's Last Chance:

Whereas in Revelation 13 the union of church and state was blended in one symbol, in Revelation 17 God has pictured them separately. A woman always symbolizes a church in the Bible, in this case the whore – an impure church. And a beast has always signified a kingdom or state that persecutes God's people. So we have an impure woman sitting on (i.e. controlling) a scarlet-colored (a bloody) beast (state). This again reinforces the reality of the Catholic system being the only system that is a church and an earthly kingdom at the same time. This whore is described as being eminently rich, proud, and more importantly, very corrupt (v. 4, 5). Indeed, it represents Satan's final supreme instrument of deception.

I mean, that's obviously the Catholic church. Because, you know, it couldn't be, say, THE UNITED FUNDY STATES OF AMERICA. Although, in all fairness, they do say:

World's Last Chance dares to declare this interpretation to the world because we adhere only to sound Biblical interpretation. This means we unlock Bible prophecy by using the Bible as its own interpreter. By doing so we are certain of the correctness of the revelation.

As we all know, if you make the circle big enough…

Repeat after me, class: no matter how big you make it, IT'S STILL A CIRCLE.

Greg commented:

I believe Hitler made use of such circular reasoning in Mein Kampf...