Someone give this man a country to run

September 2006

Someone give this man a country to run:

See, other people in the Middle East do not really hate Jews. We are very similar to Jews, actually. Egyptians and Palestinians and Lebanese and Israelis, all of us make lots of deli foods that have lots of spices and names that are fun to say...And if you are Egyptian, the war does not mean so much. If you grew up there, you grew up with the giant pyramids. You know the pyramids? Yes, well you can see them from the city, and you think "Who built those? Slaves. Who did they build them for? Dead people." And then things like wars do not bother you so much. — Overheard in New York

EONsim commented:

And an elite army to act as his body guards when he starts work as the boss.

Ruth commented:

I like saying names that are fun to say. I like how he thinks.