The Male Privilege Checklist

September 2006

The Male Privilege Checklist. If you are a male, you need to read this. Also, have I mentioned that Karen Healey is completely freakin' awesome? (And incredibly angry about misogyny and sexism in comic books. But I'm seeing her point.)

AJ commented:

that's pretty cool

kelly commented:

I love the fact that you and AJ are such feminists.

Stephen commented:

Good link. And some of the other ones there are worth reading too. It was nice to see Arisia back in GL, but the combination of her retcon and the "new" GL outfit took something away from her reappearance. Of all the "superhero" comics GL should be the one that features persons of various genders, body shapes and attire.

Christina commented:

He he he awesome - Karen Healey's blog takes me back to uni days /happy sigh/... I agree with Kelly's comment too :) (That grin really should be bigger :P)