September 2006

The Indian Medical Association has launched a probe after three doctors were shown on television offering to amputate beggars' limbs for money. — BBC News

(Via Gulfstream; the book A Fine Balance that he mentions is, I agree, a gruelling one, but well worth a read if you want to understand what life is still like for a large part of the world.)

KT commented:

Crikey. Saw a kid begging in Thailand who had only one arm and couldn't help wondering if something like that had happened. Horrific.

Incidentally, I keep meaning to ask you what it is you're going to be doing over there, but I hardly ever see you. Would you mind enlightening me?

Matt commented:

Yeah, apparently it's pretty common practice. There's other similar things happen, like beggars will hire a baby for a day because a beggar with a baby can earn a lot more than a beggar without. Third-world beggary is actually a living; a pretty lousy one, but a living nonetheless.

I'm planning to work with some of the businesses already over there, like Freeset—doing not-sure-what at this point; probably something related to my technical abilities.

KT commented:

Wicked. Fixed term or indefinitely?

Matt commented:

Indefinitely—probably down to how long I can get visas for.