We're live!

August 2006

We're live! I still have a few bugs to iron out—the old blog should still be showing up, for one—but hey, we're alive and kicking. Who will be the first to comment? (UPDATE: Medals go to Brehaut, Angus and KT.) (UPDATE 2: the old blog is now showing up properly.)

Brehaut commented:

I will be the first to comment

Angus Turnbull commented:

I want these m!#$@ comments off my m@%#^ blog!

KT commented:

I shall be the third.

Christina commented:

Rats! foiled by all your lightning-quick reflexes! I shall be a humble fourth, then. Just shy of the medals :)

Nato commented:

Only fifth...

Fraser commented:

I'm going to stake my claim to sixth place, and damn the consequences.

Nato commented:

that it would be cool if you could somehow make the webpage recognize the word 'that', and remove the quotations, so people can write like I am now.


Matt commented:

That could be difficult.

(‘Matt said That could be difficult'?)

Nato commented:

True... you either need a way to see the next word after the that is a verb or adverb?

Or else have a <!--that--> tag thing?

Or not...